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Fellowship FAQ

For AIPS Fellowships

Please read the following responses to recent inquiries prior to contacting AIPS with your questions. If you find that your particular concern is not addressed, please email us and we will try to respond to your questions as soon as possible.

Q. Who is eligible for AIPS Fellowships?
A. Fellows who are an advanced graduate student and affiliated with a US academic institution. US citizens with affiliation to a US academic institution are eligible for all fellowship competitions. Depending on whether or not funding is available, non-US citizens with affiliation to US academic institutions are eligible for AIPS fellowship.

Q. Do I qualify as an advanced graduate student?

A. To be considered as an advanced graduate student, you must have completed your PhD qualifying exams but not have completed your thesis. Students still completing coursework are not eligible for fellowships.

Q. Who is not eligible for AIPS Fellowships?
A. 1) US citizen without affliation to a US academic institution. 2) Non-US citizen without affiliation to US academic institution. Also, see answer above.

Q. If I am not pursuing a PhD but I am in another terminal degree program, am I eligible for a fellowship?
A. No, to be eligible for an AIPS fellowship you must be in the research-gathering or writing stage of your dissertation.

Q. If I am scheduled to take my qualifying exams after the application deadline, am I eligible to apply?
A. Yes. You will need to submit, along with your application, the date of your qualifying exams. AIPS will verify that you have finished your exams prior to the start of your research.

Q. Can non-citizens apply if they are enrolled or employed at a university?
A. There are limited funds available for non-US citizens to conduct research. Non-citizen applicants must be enrolled/employed full-time at a university in the US. This criteria must be met.

Q. Are research associates, post-docs or honorary fellows eligible to apply?
A. Research associates and post-docs are welcome to apply if they are affiliated full-time with a university in the United States and fufill the citizenship requirements as detailed above. Depending on funding availability, non-US citizen research associates may be eligible as well. Honorary fellows should contact AIPS if they are interested in applying for a fellowship, regardless of citizenship.

Q. How long can the duration of the fellowship be?
A. Duration of the fellowship can be from two to nine months

Q. Does AIPS offer fellowships for undergraduates?
A. No. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer funding to undergraduate students

Q. Is the fellowship deadline a postmark or receipt deadline?
A. All applications are submitted online, including letters of recommendation, and must be submitted prior to the deadline. Applicants should contact their referees well in advance of the deadline to ensure that letters are received in time. All competitions close automatically at 11:59 PM CST on the day of the deadline. 

Q. In the case of pre-doctoral applicants, does AIPS require two reference letters in addition to the letter from the dissertation chair? Or is the dissertation chair included as one of the 3 referees?
A. Pre-doctoral applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation; one letter must be from their dissertation advisor.

Q. Can the letter(s) of recommendation and transcript(s) be sent under separate cover?
A. The letter(s) of reference should be submitted as indicated in the application form. It is your responsibility to follow up with your referees to confirm that the reference letter(s) have been submitted. Applications without reference letter(s) may not be reviewed.

Q. What details must the proposal cover?
A. The proposal should include each the following elements: a precisely stated research question, a detailed statement indicating the research methodology to be employed, including tentative timelines and list of persons to contact and/or places to visit, and expected results. Describe the intellectual merit of the project and how it relates to the goals of AIPS to promote and disseminate knowledge on Pakistan in the United States and Pakistan. Also address the broader impact for your specific field and Pakistan studies as a whole. In the case of pre-doctoral fellowships, its relevance to the applicant's dissertation should be addressed, along with a timeline for the completion of the dissertation or that portion of the project for which funding is being requested from AIPS.

In your proposal please include a brief statement that covers each of the following points:
1. Describe the intellectual merit of the project and how it relates to the goals of AIPS to promote and disseminate knowledge on Pakistan in the United States and Pakistan.
2. Describe the broader impact of your proposed research for your specific field and Pakistan studies as a whole.

Q. Is there a budget template I could refer to prepare my budget for the fellowship?
A. Yes. You can find a budget template here

Q. What is required in the letter of affiliation?
A. Letters of Affiliation should be from the host institution in the country where the applicant plans to conduct research, confirming access to materials and facilities. The applicant should also provide a list of universities or institutions (with contact information) where the applicant would be interested in presenting lectures. Letters of affiliation are required before funds can be awarded. If you have already secured an affiliation, please upload the letter in the online application. If you do not yet have an affiliation secured, please enter all institutions from which you are seeking affiliation.

Q. When will decisions be made regarding the award?
A. Decisions will be made approximately one month to six weeks after the submission deadline.

Q. How will awards be disbursed?
A. Funds for the research/per diem will be given directly to the awardees. Airfare must be paid directly by AIPS via the AIPS travel agent.

Q. Are there any stipulations regarding dates such that recipients of an AIPS pre-doctoral fellowship will be required to graduate before or after a certain date?
A. The awardee is expected to complete their dissertation work as indicated in the proposal.

Q. Is there a specified time period in which research is to be completed? Can changes be made to the duration of research at a later date?
A. If awarded, please refer to your award letter for the time period in which your research must be completed. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Q. How do I report my fellowship on my taxes?
A. Most, if not all fellowship funds need to be reported as taxable income. Please visit the IRS website (link below) to determine if you need to report your fellowship award. AIPS does not provide a W-2 to fellows as it is not required by the IRS. For foreign students, however, there is a requirement to withhold appropriate taxes. Foreign students should cite the terms of the appropriate tax treaty on their return to claim a refund if excess taxes are withheld.

Q. Can I take a dependent with me if I am awarded a fellowship?

A. No. All Fellows must be unaccompanied during their AIPS tenure; family members, spouses, friends, and partners may not accompany them during the fellowship. Only if a spouse or partner also receives a fellowship would he or she be able to travel. However, dependents are never allowed to accompany researchers.