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Fellows 2016-17

Fellowships: Funded by Council of American Overseas Research Centers

Brian Bond
Field: Ethnomusicology
Project Title: Sindhi Sufi Poetry Performance in the India-Pakistan Borderlands
Affiliated Institution: City University of New York (CUNY)
Fellowship Type: Long-term, 9 months in India

Katherine Blank
Field: History
Project Title: O Women, reform and mend your ways": The Gendering of Knowledge in the Muslim Reformist Discourse
Affiliated Institution: University of Washington
Fellowship Type: Long-term, 3 months in the United Kingdom

Neelam Khoja
Field: Histories and Cultures of Muslim Societies
Project Title: Politics, Power, and Persianate Punjab, 1707 - 1857
Affiliated Institution: Harvard University 
Fellowship Type: Long-term, 3 months in the United Kingdom and France
Abstract                   Final Report

Rajbir Judge
Field: History
Project Title: Occult Intrigue: Sikhs, Anti-Colonial Resistance, and the Theosophical Society 
Affiliated Institution: University of California-Davis
Fellowship Type: Long-term, 5 months in India, Hungary, and the United Kingdom
Abstract                    Final Report

Fellowships: Funded on Unrestricted/Other Funds

Murad Khan Mumtaz
Field: South Asian Art History
Project Title: Remembering the Friends of God: An Unclaimed Genre of Indian Devotional Portraiture 
Affiliated Institution: University of Virginia
Fellowship Type: Long-term, 5 months in the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Germany and Switzerland
Abstract                    Final Report