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Course Development Grant

AIPS can provide financial support to an AIPS Institutional Member in organizing a Pakistan-related (South Asia) course at a community college or at a Minority-Serving Institution. These funds are meant to support the stipend for a graduate student who could teach such a course. We are currently soliciting proposals (Fall or Spring).

This award is funded through grants from the Department of Education and the Council of American Overseas Research Centers.

To apply:

Submit a one-page proposal to AIPS that includes the following information:

  • Graduate student/lecturer who will teach the course (short bio or CV)
  • Course title and relation to Pakistan/South Asian Studies
  • Location and name of community college/Minority-Serving Institution
  • Proposed course dates
  • If the proposing institution is not an AIPS member, an application for AIPS Institutional Membership must be received and approved before a proposal can be submitted for this grant.

Amount Available: $3,000 - $4,000 (two awards available)

Send complete proposal to:

Laura Hammond